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Franzen and the environment

Environmental product declaration EPD ift Rosenheim

Franzen environmental product declaration EPD.
Foto: © TwooDoo für Franzen
Taking responsibility for our environment.

Environmentally compatible manufacturing

The ift-Rosenheim has independently tested the life cycle assessment of doors over their entire lifecycle and documented it accordingly in the Franzen EPD.

Proven environmental compatibility

The Franzen EPD has been produced by ift-Rosenheim in accordance with the prescribed procedure according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804 standards. This EPD is a data basis for ecological building assessment, based on ISO standards and is therefore internationally harmonised. Thus, the environmental compatibility of each Franzen door can be identified in a comparable way.

Sustainable building assessment system

Evidence of the sustainable use of resources and the assessment of the environmental impact of buildings is becoming increasingly important in the planning of buildings. Environmental product declarations (EPD) are therefore used to assess environmental compatibility.

For example, since March 2011, in Germany certification in accordance with the federal government's assessment system for sustainable construction (BNB) has been obligatory for all new federal buildings. Since January 2013, this also applies to all existing federal buildings.

Support for sustainable construction

The Franzen EPD provides the necessary key figures for the planning of a sustainable and environmentally conscious construction method. In this way, Franzen actively supports planners, architects, building owners and manufacturing companies.