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Franzen burglar protection

Effective burglar protection up to RC4

Franzen safety door Foto: © TwooDoo für Franzen
Franzen burglar resistance door with ESP security profile.
Franzen safety door Foto: © TwooDoo für Franzen
Franzen burglar resistance door with ESP security profile.

Increased safety with less maintenance effort

The requirements for burglar-resistant doors are laid down in European standard EN 1627. This standard defines the resistance classes RC1 to RC6.

Effective burglar protection

Effective burglary protection is provided from resistance class RC3, because only doors classified as of RC3 are able to withstand leverage tools such as a cow's foot. Doors from resistance class RC4 and higher can also withstand percussion tools such as a hammer axe or chisel, such as a cordless drill.

Burglar-resistant doors of resistance classes RC1 and RC2 can only provide limited protection against burglary or vandalism. Burglar-proof doors of this category protect against casual offenders who use simple tools, if at all.

Especially if you need to protect areas of a building that are not visible, such as garage entrances or side entrances, you should not take any risks when it comes to burglary protection.

Tested and certified according to EN 1627

Franzen burglar resistance doors offer highly effective protection with the burglar resistance doors Franzen ESN-1 (single-leaf) and ESN-2 (two-leaf). System Schröder's burglar resistance doors are tested and certified in accordance with EN 1627 and can be equipped with security doors made of steel in resistance classes RC1 and RC2 RC3 and RC4.

Patented ESP rebate protection profile

The burglar-resistant steel security doors Franzen ESN are equipped with the patented ESP security profile. This is a rebate protection profile that effectively prevents direct attack on the door rebate. The door rebate is considered to be the weak point of a door.

Safe and attractive

Thanks to the intelligent use of this rebate protection profile, the single or double-leaf security doors achieve a new quality of burglar protection. And all this with a very cost-effective design.

In addition to effective burglar protection, its excellent price/performance ratio makes these burglar-resistant doors equally attractive for commercial and private use.

Combinable with further performance characteristics

The Franzen burglar resistance doors can be equipped in combination with the following performance characteristics:

  • Use as external door
  • fire protection
  • smoke control
  • acoustic performance
  • increased air tightness
  • resistance to windload
  • positive and negative pressure
  • water tightness
  • thermally insulated
  • glass inset
  • panic lock