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Franzen external doors

External doors according to EN 14351-1

Franzen einflügelige Außentür ASN-1 Foto: © TwooDoo für Franzen
Franzen single-leaf external door ASN-1.
Franzen zweiflügelige Außentür ASN-2 Foto: © TwooDoo für Franzen
Franzen double-leaf external door ASN-2.

Security doors for outdoor use

Since March 1,2010, DIN EN 14351-1 has been introduced in Germany by the building authorities. Since then, external doors without CE markings may no longer be installed. This CE mark must indicate the respective performance characteristics of the door. Furthermore, the respective heat transfer coefficient (U-value) must be specified for each installed exterior door.

Franzen external doors with CE marking

Franzen external doors feature this CE marking and thus meet the prescribed requirements.

Franzen external doors are very versatile and are therefore recommended for a wide variety of requirements. This means that Franzen external doors can be equipped with additional performance characteristics such as burglar resistance or acoustic performance. In addition, Franzen external doors are always available in single or double-leaf versions and can be equipped with variable glass inset as an option. On request, a top panel or overhead light is also available.

With the external doors ASN, Franzen offers the right door with the necessary certificates and CE marking for a wide variety of tasks.