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Retrofit smoke control system

Easy retrofitting smoke control

Foto: © TwooDoo für Franzen
Retrofit smoke control system.
Foto: © TwooDoo für Franzen
Retrofit smoke control system.

Smoke control for additional safety

Experts say that preventing the spread of flue gases is an important safety factor in preventive fire protection.

Older fire doors usually cannot meet these requirements for smoke control. Up to now, it has been necessary to replace these doors with new closures at great expense, even though the existing doors were still faultless in their fire protection function.

Smoke control for existing doors

As a solution, Franzen has a process that allows retrofitting of existing safety doors with all-round smoke protection seals.

First retrofit smoke control system tested according to DIN 18095

The Franzen retrofit smoke control system is a system developed and patented by "System Schröders" for retrofitting smoke control on existing fire doors. It has been successfully tested by the Materials Testing Office of North Rhine-Westphalia in smoke and long-term functional tests. With this system, the requirements of DIN 18095 for retrofitted doors could be met for the first time.

As a licensed Schröder partner system, Franzen Feuerschutz Türen carries out the retrofitting of this smoke control system for existing doors. The retrofittable Franzen smoke control system is thus the first of its kind to be able to equip existing fire protection closures with tested smoke control according to DIN 18095.

Easy retrofitting of smoke control

Increased safety for escapees as well as for rescuers and fire fighters through the Franzen retrofit smoke control system.