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Franzen FLAT doors

Franzen flush mounted protection doors

Franzen flush mounted protection door Foto: © TwooDoo für Franzen
Franzen - flush mounted protection door
Franzen flush mounted protection door Foto: © TwooDoo für Franzen
Franzen - frame of flush mounted door

Franzen fire resistance doors for sophisticated construction projects

High sophisticated construction projects place high demands on the performance of fire protection closures. Of course, visual aspects also play an important role for architects and planners. The fire doors to be used should correspond functionally and visually to the overall concept of the project. Following these high demands on technology and design, Franzen offers the new flush-mounted protection doors.

Further information

Franzen fire doors with the additional designation FLAT are an interesting new development. These new doors meet the requirements of high sophisticated building constructions with regard to individual solutions. They are characterized by the flush surface of door leaf and frame, which is often desired in modern buildings.

The special feature of this new construction is that no disturbing view of bolt and latch is possible. With single-leaf and double-leaf doors, this optical flaw is no longer present despite the flush surface. The result is a significant improvement in door design.

Of course, these flush-mounted fire doors also comply with the new European standard according to EN 16034.

FLAT design for doors with various properties

Franzen flush-mounted fire doors FLAT are fully integrated into the Franzen modular system. They can of course be supplemented with additional features such as smoke control, acoustic performance, airtightness or burglar resistance. This means that all Franzen hinged security doors can also be delivered with a flush-mounted design.

For all Franzen hinged doors

All Franzen hinged protection doors are now available as flush FLAT doors. Flush-mounted protection doors FLAT are also available in a galvanized version. The FLAT solution can be used for thick rebate doors, too.