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Franzen advantages

Franzen - quality and innovation

Doors and gates by Franzen

Franzen doors and gates offer you a number of advantages. In addition to their high production quality, the numerous innovative solutions are characteristic for Franzen doors and gates. Franzen surely provides you with the perfect door for most varied performance requirements, such as fire resistance, smoke control, burglar protection, acoustic performance, increased air tightness or external doors.

Franzen doors - versatile and individual

The key idea Best possible fire resistance is the basic idea of ​Franzen fire doors. Because Franzen originally manufactures fire doors, which can be combined with additional performance characteristics to meet customer demands. In the course of time, the Franzen door program continues to grow. This makes Franzen doors that versatile and flexible suitable for many applications. Below you will find essential Franzen innovations to meet your requirements.

Franzen door innovations

Franzen fire doors

Take advantage of the expertise that Franzen has in the production of reliable safety doors:

  • Modern door constructions
  • More than 40 years of experience in manufacturing security doors made of steel.
  • Door constructions for almost every application
  • Installation of special equipment (glass, special locks, etc.)
  • Fabrication by measurement (even intermediate sizes possible without surcharge)
  • Qualified consulting