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Franzen smoke control doors

Reliable smoke control according to DIN 18095

Smoke control door
Franzen smoke control door with porthole.
Smoke control door
Franzen fire door with smoke control in staircase.

Smoke is the greatest danger in case of fire

In the event of a fire, the greatest danger is by far the flue gases produced. Surveys have repeatedly confirmed that about 90% of all burnt victims die from smoke. Rescuers and firefighters are also exposed to a high risk due to the spread of smoke. Fire doors that are not smoke-proof do not provide adequate protection.

If the smoke produced can spread unhindered, an entire building may burn within minutes. As a result, there is a considerable reduction in visibility, so that orientation in the rooms is no longer possible. Panic develops. For the fire brigade, it is almost impossible to locate the actual source of the fire and fight with it. The fire can spread unhindered and cause even greater damage.

In addition, there may be significant concentrations of hazardous gases in the flue gases, which pose an additional threat. Safety through smoke protection.

Experts therefore see the prevention of the spread of flue gases as a decisive safety factor in fire and fire protection.

Franzen smoke control doors offer reliable protection

Franzen smoke control doors meet the requirements for smoke protection. They have been tested for smoke protection in accordance with DIN 18095, which is sustainably increased safety - both for escapees, rescuers and fire fighters - by Franzen smoke control doors.