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Franzen Feuerschutztüren GmbH
Gerhard-Welter-Str. 7
D-41812 Erkelenz

phone +49 (0) 2431-80070

Franzen location Erkelenz

Steel doors from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Blechzuschnitt bei Franzen Foto: © TwooDoo für Franzen
Presse für Türblatt bei Franzen Foto: © TwooDoo für Franzen

Franzen in Erkelenz

Franzen stands for quality and security. That is why Franzen manufactures security doors exclusively in Germany. This ensures both the high manufacturing quality and the flexible response to individual customer demands.

The Franzen production and administration facilities are located in Erkelenz in the Lower Rhine region, right in the middle of the Cologne, Düsseldorf and Aachen triangle.

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