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Franzen doors and gates made of steel

Where others stop, we do begin!

Franzen fire doors and protection doors

For more than 40 years, the name Franzen stands for reliable fire protection and safety doors made of steel. Franzen manufactures fire doors, smoke control doors, burglar resistance doors and acoustic performance doors. Franzen safety doors can be equipped with air tightness optional. What makes Franzen doors special is that the respective features can be combined.

Thus Franzen doors and gates provide a range of advantages for you. In addition to the high production quality of Franzen steel doors, numerous innovative solutions are characteristic for Franzen doors and gates. Safely, Franzen offers the optimum door for the most various performance characteristics, such as fire protection, smoke control, burglar resistance, acoustic performance, increased air tightness or external doors.

Combinable performance characteristics

Performance characteristics of Franzen doors are combinable depending on customer requirements. Fire doors combined with smoke control and additional burglar resistance up to RC4 and increased air tightness up to class LD4, for instance. Or fire doors equipped with smoke control and additional burglar resistance (RC2 to RC4). Or external doors with added acoustic performance (upt to RW(C;Ctr) = 53 (-1;-5) dB). Franzen makes the difference.

Tested according to European standard

The performance characteristics of Franzen doors and gates are independently tested. They comply with the relevant European standards and regulations. The Franzen contribution to more safety with reliable safety doors and safety gates made of steel.

Flexible in meeting customer demands

The modular structure of the Franzen door constructions allow the exceptional Franzen versatility and flexibility. Thus, Franzen can even implement solutions for exceptionally demanding architectural projects.

Franzen easy running doors

The new Franzen metal-polymer composite plain bearing reduces the opening forces for heavy doors by 50% to 60%, thus converting Franzen doors into easy-running doors. Even more security through Franzen doors.

Not only the easier opening of the doors provides extra safety. Unlike with other bearings, such as the conventionally used ball bearings, the prescribed annual maintenance is not required. The regular check and greasing of the bearing is not necessary. This means that costs can even be saved with increased safety.

The new polymer plain bearing also stands out due to its high level of resistance. In long-term function tests the plain bearing did not display any significant wear even after 700,000 test cycles. The low opening forces were retained.

Each Franzen door such as fire protection doors, smoke control doors, burglary protection doors, acoustic performance doors and external doors are equipped with the new composite bearing. Even existing doors made by Franzen can be simply converted to easy-running doors.

Safety through Quality

The mission statement for all actions undertaken by Franzen is our conviction of safety through quality. The strong foundation for the reliable function of Franzen safety doors.

Where others stop, we do begin!