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Franzen - External doors

Double leaf external door ASN-2

Franzen external door ASN-2 "System Schröders"
Double-leaf external steel door according to EN 14351-1

CE-marking marked

Thermal transmittance

UD-value ≥ 1.2 W/(m²K) according to EN ISO 10077-1

Combinable with additional performance characteristics:

Air tightness

up to class 3 according to EN 12207 (up to 600 Pa)

expert opinion no. 40-40/12.120, PIV Velbert
Resistance to wind load

up to class C4 (up to 2,000 Pa) according to EN 12210

expert opinion no. 40-40/12.120, PIV Velbert

up to class 3A according to EN 12208

expert opinion no. 40-40/12.120, PIV Velbert
Resistance to positive and negative pressure

up to 3.800 Pa according to DIN EN 12211

expert opinion no. 40-52/16.120
Behavior between different climates

class 2 (d + e) according to EN 12219 (deflection)

Ability to release
according to DIN EN 14351-1

proven for doors in escape and rescue routes

Flush with surface

flush-mounted design FLAT

Explosion protection
Logo ATEX For installation in potentially explosive areas, please see confirmation letter Explosion protection ATEX for Franzen hinged doors (in German language) System Schröders (PDF)

Performance characteristics combinable with further Franzen door types:

Fire resistance

tested EI290 (fire door EI290 Franzen TSN-12)
tested EI260 (fire door EI260 Franzen TSN-4)
tested EI230 (fire door EI230 Franzen TSN-2)

according to EN 1634-1

Smoke control

tested Sa / S200 (z.B. fire door Franzen TSN-2)

according to EN 1634-3

Burglar resistance

up to RC4 (e.g. burglar resistance dor Franzen ESN-2)

according to EN 1627

Acoustic performance

up to RW (C;Ctr) = 48 (-1;-5) dB e.g. acoustic performance door Franzen SN-2

according to EN ISO 10140-1 / EN ISO 10140-2 / EN ISO 717

Technical data
(rough building dimension)

for performance characteristic airtightness, resistance to wind load, watertightness or resistance to positive and negative pressure limited to

width up to 2,500 mm
height up to 2,500 mm
with overhead panel height max. 3,500 mm
Overhead panel
  • optional with fixed overhead panel
Door leaf

leaf thickness 68 mm to 69 mm - smooth double-walled
plate thickness 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm

  • thin rebate design
    • optional thick rebate design
  • frame-system "ZNG" with flush clipped in profile strips
  • or
  • frame-system "ZG"
  • (see installation variants)
  • corner frame
  • optional enclosing frame
  • optional block frame

with elastic rubber seal
(seal type depending on performance characteristic)

Floor seal

required for smoke control, acoustic performance, air tightness

  • optional lowerable floor seal or
  • sliding seal
  • stop seal
Glass inset

glass dimensions and -form variable

minimum frieze width: 90 mm

  • optional with intermediate glass inset bars
  • optional with port-hole
  • optional in overhead panel

glass inset bars with concealed screw connection (for rectangular glass inset)


per leaf 2/3-part KO door hinges
with patented easy-running bearings as easy running doors

  • optional door hinge with 3D adjustment

various fittings possible


various locking systems possible

active leaf

profile cylinder prepared (cylinder on-site)


both leafs with door closer according to DIN EN 1154 resp. EN 1155
with door closing sequence control according to EN1158

  • in masonry
  • in concrete
  • in aerated concrete
  • in mounting walls
  • in encased steel columns
  • optional blunt installation in soffit
  • optional installation on the wall plate

CE-Zeichen marking according 14351-1

  • lock control
  • automated opening
  • motor locks ( also in 3-way locking)
  • powder coating in RAL colors
  • prison cell doors (special locking and food flap)
  • special solutions according to request and customer requirements

The information given refers to the usual configurations. Individual configurations may be required when combining different performance characteristics.

Our team will be happy to assist you with the individual planning of your requirements.

  •  ASN-2
    Franzen ASN-2double leaf external door"System Schröders"

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