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Franzen fire door

Single leaf fire door EI2120

Franzen fire door EI2120 EIS-11 "System Schröders"

Single-leaf fire resistant steel door / flap EI2120-Sa-C5-according to EN 16034

• available as external door according to EN 14351-1

Fire resistance Tested EI2120 according to EN 1634-1
Smoke control Tested Sa according to EN 1634-3
Acoustic performance
according to EN ISO 10140-1 / EN ISO 10140-2 / EN ISO 717, up to RW (C;Ctr) = 53 (-1;-5) dB
Airborne acoustic insulation for security doors
(measurement reports, test reports, expert opinions)
Air tightness
Airtigthness according to EN 12207 up to class 4
Expert opinion 11-000082-PR01, ift Rosenheim
Thermal transmittance
according to EN ISO 10077-1, UD-value ≥ 2,7
Resistance to wind load
according to EN 12210, up to class C5
according to EN 12208, up to class 8A
Resistance to positive and negative pressure
up to 5,000 Pa
available in flush-mounted version FLAT
Technical data
Dimensions door
Width von 525 mm up to 1,400 mm
Height von 750 mm up to 2,650 mm
Door leaf Leaf thickness 68 / 69 mm - smooth, double-walled
Plate thickness 1.0 mm up to 1.5 mm
  • optional thick rebate
  • optionally insulation inlet full-face glued and pressed with cover plate
    - thus particularly plane and smooth door leaf
Frame Frame system "ZNG"
with flush clamped Thelesol® - fire protection strips
and elastic smoke control seal

Corner frame,

  • optional extension frame
Glass dimensions variable (rectangular glazing) max. 850 x 2,157 mm
  • optional porthole ø ca. 450 mm (unobstructed view)
Glazing beads with concealed screws (rectangular glazing)
Floor seal required for smoke control, acoustic performance, airtightness
  • optional retractable floor seal or
  • patented sliding seal
Lock options Simple locking according to EN 12209
Profile cylinder prepared (without cylinder),

RC4: Three-point lock

  • optional panic lock

Securing pins

Hardware / fittings
  • optional any appropriate lever handle set
  • optional panic push-bar

RC performance: Security fitting ES-1 up to ES-3

door closer according to EN 1154

2/3-part KO door hinges
with patented easy-running bearings as easy running doors

optional door hinge with 3D adjustment, galvanized or in stainless steel

- in masonry (thickness ≥ 175 mm)
- in concrete (thickness ≥ 140 mm)
- in aereated concrete (thickness ≥ 150 mm)
- in mounting walls min. F90 (thickness ≥ 100 mm)
- steel columns or beams covered (thickness ≥ 140 mm)
  • optional block frame between the recesses
Marking CE-marking for fire doors according to EN 16034
  • Feuerschutztür EIS-11
    Franzen EI2120 EIS-11single-leaf fire resistant door"System Schröders"

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