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Franzen fire door

Double leaf fire door EI290 TSN-12

Franzen Feuerschutztür EI290 TSN-12 "System Schröders"

Double-leaf fire resistant steel door / gate EI290-Sa-C5-according to EN 16034

• Available for external use according to EN 14351-1

• Available as gate according to EN 13241-1

Fire resistance Tested EI290 according to EN 1634-1
Smoke control
Tested Sa / S200 according to EN 1634-3
Burglar resistance
Burglar resistance door according to EN 1627
RC4 (WK4) - report no. 22-18/04 ERW, PIV Velbert
RC3 (WK3) - report no. 22-17/04 ERW, PIV Velbert
RC2 (WK2) - report no. 212 24303, ift Rosenheim
RC1 (WK1) - report no. 212 24302, ift Rosenheim
Acoustic performance
up to RW (C;Ctr) = 42 (-1;-4) dB* according to EN 20140-3
report no. 162 26873/4.1.0, ift Rosenheim

up to RW (C;Ctr) = 39 (-1;-2) dB* according to EN 20140-3
report no. 162 26873/4.4.0, ift Rosenheim

up to RW (C;Ctr) = 37 (-1;-2) dB* according to EN 20140-3
report no. 162 26873/4.0.0, ift Rosenheim

*depending on size see
Expert opinion no. 175 31584/2 ift Rosenheim
Air tightness
according to EN 12207, up to class 3
Expert opinion no. 40-40/12.112, PIV Velbert
available in flush-mounted version FLAT
Technical data
Width from 1,250 mm up to 3,250 mm
Height from 1,700 mm up to 2,950 mm
Door leafLeaf thickness 68 / 69 mm - smooth, double-walled
Plate thickness 1 mm up to 1.5 mm
  • optionally insulation inlet full-face glued and pressed with cover plate
    - thus particularly plane and smooth door leaf
Frame Frame system "ZNG"
with flush clamped Thelesol® - fire protection strips
and elastic smoke control seal

Corner frame,

  • optional extension frame
Glass dimensions variable (rectangular glazing) max. 850 x 2,157 mm
  • optional porthole ø ca. 450 mm (unobstructed view)
Glazing beads with concealed screws (rectangular glazing)
Floor seal required for smoke control, acoustic performance
  • optional retractable floor seal or
  • patented sliding seal
Lock options
Active leaf
Simple locking according to DIN 18250
Profile cylinder prepared (without cylinder),
- RC4: Three-point lock
Fixed leaf
Inside snap latch (with locking up)
  • RC4, RC3, RC2:
    Shoot bolt with locking up and down

Both leafs with securing pins

  • optional with panic lock
  • optional with shoot bolt
Hardware / fittings
Active leaf
  • optional any appropriate lever handle set
  • optional panic push-bar

RC performance: Security fitting ES-1 up to ES-3

Door closer according to EN 1154 and door coordinator on both wings

both leaves with 2/3-­part KO ­door hinges
with patented easy-running bearings as easy running doors

optional door hinge with 3D adjustment, galvanized or in stainless steel

- in masonry (thickness ≥ 175 mm)
- in concrete (thickness ≥ 140 mm)
- in aereated concrete (thickness ≥ 150 mm)
- in mounting walls mind. F90 (thickness ≥ 100 mm)
- steel columns or beams covered (thickness ≥ 140 mm)
  • optional block frame between the recesses
Marking CE-marking for fire doors according to EN 16034
  • Feuerschutztür EI2 90 TSN-12
    EI290 TSN-12double-leaf fire resistant door"System Schröders"

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