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Franzen - fire resistant ceiling flaps

Single-leaf fire resistant ceiling flap THF T90

Franzen fire resistant ceiling flap T90 THF "System Schröders"
Single-leaf fire resistant ceiling flap, optional with smoke control
Fire resistance

Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung Nr. Z 6.20-1937, DIBt Berlin

Smoke control

Smoke control according to DIN 18095 RS-1
Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung Nr. Z 6.20-1909, DIBt Berlin

Combinable with additional performance characteristics:

Acoustic performance

up to RW (C;Ctr) = 42 (-1;-3) dB

according to EN ISO 10140-1 / EN ISO 10140-2 / EN ISO 717

test report 81 16 48 52 29 -10, TÜV Nord

*Due to the approved dimensional range of the ceiling flap, the maximum acoustic performance value of RW (C;Ctr) = 45 (-1;-3) dB listed in the measurement report is reduced by 3dB to the above-mentioned value of RW (C;Ctr) = 42 (-1;-3) dB.
See expert opinion SEII-16-0211-Hrd, TÜV Nord

Thermal transmittance

UD-value ≥ 1.6 W/(m²K) according to EN ISO 10077-1

Air tightness

up to class 4 according to EN 12207 (up to 600 Pa)

expert opinion no. 11-000082-PR01
Resistance to positive and negative pressure

up to 5.000 Pa according to DIN EN 12211

expert opinion no. 16-003037-PR01
Explosion protection
Logo ATEX For installation in potentially explosive areas, please see confirmation letter Explosion protection ATEX for Franzen hinged doors (in German language) System Schröders (PDF)
Technische Beschreibung
(rough building dimension)
width from 500 mm up to 1,100 mm
height from 500 mm up to 1,350 mm
Flap leaf

leaf thickness 67 mm - smooth double-walled
plate thickness 1.0 mm

  • thin rebate design
    • optional thick rebate design
    • insulating insert
      • optional insulation inlet full-face glued and pressed with cover plate
        thus particularly plane and smooth door leaf
  • frame-system "ZNG" with flush clipped in Thelesol® fire protection strips
  • frame four-sided surrounding
  • (see installation variants)
  • corner frame
  • optional enclosing frame
  • optional block frame

with elastic rubber seal
(seal type depending on performance characteristic)


concealed door hinges
thus smooth surface without tripping edge


Top side: embedded folding ring shell
Lower side: handle


single locking according DIN 18250

  • optional profile cylinder prepared (cylinder on-site)
  • with grating cover made of steel or aluminium
  • with checker plate 3 mm made of steel or aluminium
Self-closing and
opening assist

adjusted to the flap weight
- easy opening (max. opening angle 75°)
- closing speed regulation

Closing delay
  • continuous adjustment of the closing process
    enables unhindered passage
  • in fire-resistant ceilings made of reinforced concrete according to DIN 1045-1(thk ≥ 140 mm)
  • optional blunt installation in soffit
  • optional installation on the wall plate

mark of conformity - "Ü"
according to German conformity mark regulation

  • lock control
  • special solutions according to request and customer requirements

The information given refers to the usual configurations. Individual configurations may be required when combining different performance characteristics.

Our team will be happy to assist you with the individual planning of your requirements.

  • Deckenklappe THF
    Franzen T90 THFsingle-leaf fire resistant ceiling flap"System Schröders"
    Deckenklappe THF
    Franzen T90 THFsingle-leaf smoke control ceiling flap"System Schröders"

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